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100 Disney's California Adventure's Icons

Started: October 21, 2006
Completed: April 7, 2007
Special Credits to: Visions Fantastic
Icons created by: mmrobitussin
Disneyland Icons: here
Comment and Credit if you take! Thanks!


Monster's Inc. Tower of Terror Aladdin-the Musical Playhouse Disney Muppet 3-D
Disney Animation It's Tough to be a Bug! Bountiful Valley Farm Flik's Flyers Francis' Ladybug Boogie
Heimlich's Chew Chew Train Princess Dot Puddle Park Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies California Screamin' Maliboomer
Sunwheel Mulholland Madness Orange Stinger Golden Zephyr King Triton's Carousel
Jumpin' Jellyfish S.S. Rustworthy Games of the Boardwalk Soarin' Over California Grizzly River Run
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Golden Dreams Golden Vine Winery Mission Tortilla Factory Bakery Tour
BLAST Superstar Limo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Soap Opera Bistro Candy Corn Fields
Fireflies Tissue Box Palace of Fine Arts Mini San Francisco Pumpkin Mickey
Petrified Tree Mrs. Potts and Chip Plaque Capitan Jack Sparrow King Triton
A-E Tickets Eeyore's Home Tribute to House of the Future Squirrel Tombstone Pardoned Turkey
Matterhorn View Snow White's Grotto Dinosaur Eggs Disney Family Crest Hotel Marceline
Nana Evil Queen from Snow White Painless Dentist Yeti Footprint Indiana Jones' Truck
Hidden Mickeys One of a Kind Shop Le Gourmet Shop Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough Midget Autopia
Flower Mart Mary Blair Murals Rocket to the Moon Conestoga Wagons Old Disneyland Sign
Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland Old Tomorrowland Original Tom Sawyer's Island 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea Festival of Fools
Beyonce as Alice Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella David Beckham as Prince Philip Swan Passes
Banners Rockin' Space Mountain Rockin' California Screamin Street Lamp Mickey Mouse Head
Ticket for July 17, 1955 40th Anniversary Time Capsule Planning Disney Opening Day Fantasyland
Map of Pirates of the Caribbean Being Built Dedication of Disneyland Back to the 1950's Space Mountain Concept
Models Mini Main Street Painting Haunted Mansion Concept 50th Anniversary of Disneyland by Thomas Kinkade


Purple: Hollywood Backlot
Green: Flick's Fun Fair
Dark Blue: Paradise Pier
Gold: Golden California
Light Purple: Weird/Past Disney's California Adventures Stuff
Orange: Seasonal Disneyland (Halloween)
Blue: Not so hidden Disneyland
Grey: Hidden Disneyland/DCA and Past Rides
Light blue: Year of a Million Dreams
Pink: Disneyland/Disney's California Adventures Art & History
(Can change without reason)


Blast- (November 22, 2001-2003) Originally it ran at Disney's California Adventures Hyperion before it changed to Aladdin. It consisted of drums, horns, and other various brass instruments. Althought it was a very good performance, the show was very loud and gave many visitors headaches. [and strangely, mmrobitussin's brother fell asleep through all of it].

Superstar Limo- (February 8, 2001- January 11, 2002) Basically it was named the "worst" ride Disneyland had every created. It originally had a good concept of having paparazzi follow you as you race through Hollywood. Due to the money cuts while building the park and Princess Diana's death due to the paparazzi, the dark ride turned into a nightmare. Through the ride you could see the familiar faces of movie stars as well as the millions of cardboard cuts outs of paparazzi. They did take your picture, but most people's pictures turned out like this -> -_-'

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Play It!- (September 14, 2001-August 20, 2004) Based off the popular TV show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", this live version was done at DCA in the Hollywood Backlot. Prizes included a baseball cap, a polo Tshirt and if you got the million dollar question a trip for four to Castaway Cay in the Bahamas on the Disney Cruise Line. Sadly the show closed during Disney's money cuts.

ABC Soap Opera Bistro- (February 8, 2001 - November 3, 2002) Some people hated it, some people loved it. It was like being inside the set of your favorite ABC Soap Opera. Whether it was Lukes House or the Nurse's Sation of General Hospital, real life actors would come around and entertain you while you were eating. [Personally mmrobitussin's mother watched too many of these and dragged mmrobitussin to eat there. Mmrobitussin (who was fairly young at the time) hid under tables and used the restroom alot in order to get out of acting with the actors.]

Candy Corn Fields- Yup there's candy corn where the real corn should be. This strange sight is located right outside of Flik's Fun Fair. It was what people use to know it as the Bountiful Farm. BTW, in the background Hemlick is eating... as he always does.

Fireflies- Seriously. If lighting was this easy then we wouldn't have to worry about conserving energy. XD Another thing located inside Flik's Fun Fair... just don't look up, because we all dont need to see their butts... plus you might go blind if you do that at night.

Tissue Box- XD Tissues. The restroom in Flick's Fun Fair is shaped like a giant tissue box. On the box it is labeled Vanity Fair or so mmrobitussin thinks. XD

Palace of Fine Arts- OMG SAN FRANCISCO RIGHT? Yup, it's Disney's tribute to the awesomeness city that mmrobitussin is from. xD In reality the real Palace of fine Arts is actually crumbly and falling apart [because it was really for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition]. Originally in SF there were eight identical ones around the lagoon, but only one remains.

Mini San Francisco- Yup another San Francisco tribute! XD This minature version of San Francisco is located right next to the Palace of Fine Arts. It takes you back to the victorian decor of post 1906 buildings. These buildings seem to have little purpose at Disneyland other than making the road look pretty... They do however provide a wonderful place to sit as you wait for people to use the restroom on the other side.

Pumpkin Mickey- October 2006. During the Halloween season, Disney decorates in it's spooky theme with vampire mickey, spooky rides, and hundreds of thousands of pumpkins. This decoration was in front of the main gate to Disneyland in October of 2006. Where the flowers usually are, in their place are hundreds of tiny pumpkins. White ones and orange ones. In order to get the black coloring, they used dark purple plants.

Petrified Tree- This petrified tree is the oldest thing at Disneyland. Litterally. It's between 50-70 million years old. Walt Disney presented it to Mrs. Disney as their 31st anniversary gift on July 31, 1957. This 7 ton tree is located at the Rivers of America in Disneyland and has never been moved from it's original location.

Mrs. Potts and Chip- What is more fun than finding your favorite Disney characters in a place where they do not belong...? Just like in the Movie Tarzan, Mrs. Potts and Chip managed to find their way into Tarzan's Treehouse. ^_^ Although they dont have faces like they did in Beauty and the Beast, you can still easily recognize these two outstanding characters.

Plaque- "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." It stands at the gateways to the entrence to Disneyland. It's almost as if you are being teleported into an entirely different world.

Captain Jack Sparrow- As of June 2006, Captain Jack Sparrow (aka Johnny Depp) was placed in Pirates of the Carribean [the ride]. His two animatronic figures and single portrait painting brought many people [mostly young females] onto the ride. For weeks after the line for this ride did not die down past the 2 hour mark very often.

King Triton- In what use to be Monsanto's House of the Future, now stand Ariel's Gratto. These lovely landscaping and bronze sculptures of Ariel and King Triton match perfectly between Tomorrowland and the edge of the Matterhorn. As you walk by take a look at them and how King Triton's triton shoots water out.

A-E Tickets- (1955-1982) These unique tickets debuted October 1955, only 3 months after Disneyland's opening. Originally they were all sold individually, but in eventually Disneyland started selling passports [many tickets together] instead of indivudual tickets. In 1982 the tickets were taken out of Disneyland and the regular admission we know today was installed. Unused A-E Tickets have been sold for over $50, but used ones are only worth about $5. Here is a list of all the A-through-E attractions.

Eeyore's Home- Located in Critter Country, across from the entrance to Splash Mountain is a familiar sight from Winnie the Pooh. You might notice that hidden away in the bushes is Eeyore's home. ^_^ Yenno the one he's always trying to build, but it always gets knocked down by something.

Tribute to House of the Future- You might remember in the last Disneyland post that I had an icon to House of the Future. Although it closed in 1967, House of the Future still lives on in Disneyland. This particular picture was taken on top of the stage at Club Buzz/Tomorrowland Terrace.

Squirrel Tombstone- Disney thinks of everything. If you've ever walked through the Haunted Mansion graveyard (aka the queue line), you'll see a one of a kind tombstone. OMG SQUIRRELS! Yes, Disneyland indeed has a statue of a squirrel in the pet cemetary. Awesomeness, no?

Pardoned Turkey- From pen to pan to Disneyland, this turkey was one lucky turkey. It was the turkey that was pardoned by US President George W. Bush on November 23, 2006. It will live the rest of it's natural life in Disneyland.

Matterhorn View- The Imagineers really worked their magic while creating Storybook Land. After being swallowed by Montestro, visitors would be brought to visit their favorite places out of the Disney movies. One of these places was a small village in the Alps. While passing, visitors can see the little painted mountains, but when lined up the matterhorn is directly in the background.

Snow White's Grotto- An interesting feature located next to Sleeping Beauty castle is the grotto dedicated to Sleeping Beauty. There you can find a wishing well and statues of the 7 familiar dwarfs and Snow White herself. Due to an optical illusion, Snow White appears taller than her dwarf counterparts. However, all of the statues (except for the animals), are the same height.

Dinosaur Eggs- Ever notice these large, blue objects inside the plants while walking up to Space Mountain? They're rumored to be dinosaur eggs. This is the age of inventions, perhaps they brought back Dinosaurs... (mmrobitussin doesn't remember if they're still there or not... but they were a few years ago.

Disney Family Crest- Walt Disney wanted his own touch to the castle in order to complete it. What could be more complete for a castle than having the coat of arms at the front gate. Here Walt Disney placed the family crest above the palace gates. It can still be seen there today.

Hotel Marceline- Marceline, Missouri is the hometown of the Disney family. This city is the inspiration of Main Street U.S.A. as well as the setting for Lady and the Tramp. Although the Disney's only lived here for four years, it is the only place left where you can find an elementary school and post office named after Walt Disney.

Nana- You surely must have noticed Nana in Peter Pan's flight. Now look at the blocks next to her and notice as they spell out Disney and Peter Pan. ^_^ What a smart dog she is.

Evil Queen from Snow White- If you look up from the entrance of Snow White, you'll see a window. Every few seconds you might notice that the window curtains open to reveal the Evil Queen as she peers down at you.

Indiana Jones' Truck- Ever notice it on the way out of the attraction? Yes, it still "runs" well... sorta. It's powered with Disneyland power now and the engine and such are gone. According to some crew members, this was the actual truck used in the film. Others say it was just an extra prop they had lying around. XD In any case, it's really cool looking. hehe.

Hidden Mickeys- Disneyland is seriously covered in them. Everywhere you turn you can find a hidden mickey. Whether it be on the Pirate of the Carribean or in Fantasyland, you can find hidden Mickeys. The one pictured is in Mickey's Towntown. Can you spot it?

One of a Kind Shop- (1966-??) This one of a kind shop used to be found in New Orleans Square. You used to be able to buy strange antiques and other odds and ends. Walt Disney designed this shop himself, but sadly it closed sometime in the early 1990's.

Le Gourmet Shop- Still there today, but usually forgotten, the Le Gourmet Shop is one of the very few, if any shops that sell only Disney cooking items. ^_^ It's still odd because who goes to Disneyland just to buy pans? BTW, the icon says "A Different Kind of Pan" referring to Peter Pan. (bad joke)

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough (1956-2003)- OMG! YOU MEAN THAT THE CASTLE HAS A PURPOSE!? well yes. XD Originally the castle had diagrams explaining the story of Sleeping Beauty. Each diagram, with music deplicting the story as well as dolls that looked like the characters were on display. It is rumored that the dolls were donated by Shirley Temple, but there is no evidence yet of it being true. Unfortunatly, the route was not handicap accessible and the stairs were even too steep for the average person. It closed quietly in 2003 for a permanent remodeling.

Midget Autopia- You may still see this statue of a smaller version of an autopia car on the new Tomorrowland Autopia. Before that, there used to be two autopias, one for adults and one for kids. The children's autopia was called Midget Autopia. When the autopias were redesigned and connected, the midget autopia cars disappeared except for this car which is now chrome and sitting on it's stone shelf.

Flower Mart- As you walk down Main Street you might notice the place that now hold chairs and dinning tables, what used to be there was the Flower Mart. Yes it actually sold real flowers that were shipped in daily. The original shop was located at West Center Street of Main Street, but after 1977 it moved to East Center Street across the way and now sells durable plastic flowers instead.

Mary Blair Murals- (1967-1986) These original murals were part of the "New Tomorrowland" of 1967. At a gigantic 54' by 15.5' the murals could be seen throughout tomorrowland. About 10 years later, the murals were painted over and the Star Tours mural replaced it in 1986. In 1998, the second mural fell victim to the New Tomorrowland Project and was erased. BTW, Mary Blair was also the one who did the original ideas for It's a Small World. XD Which is the reason why they look so similar.

Rocket to the Moon- (1955-1967) Yes, people got to go to the moon before real USA astronauts did. You use to sit down inside the rocket and be able to watch a movie as you fly away from earth. The ride closed and became Mission to Mars in 1975, then closed again in 1992. You can still see the rocket today as part of Redd Rockett's Pizza Port.

Original Tom Sawyer's Island- As of 2006, Tom Sawyer's Island was remade to include a pirates' lair. As you can see, the island has changed dramatically from it's original structure. XD Much more trees and other fun things have been added in the years since then.

2,000 League Under the Sea- I'm not quite sure when this opened or when it closed. There's not much information about it anywhere. All I know is that it was a walk through of the submarine "used" in the movie 2,000 League Under the Sea.

Festival of Fools- (June 1996-April 1998) It was a spectacular show that reinacted the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Your favorite characters would come out and preform on the stage, live! Unfortunatly, as time progressed the show was forgotten and now only ruins of what it used to look like are still there. You can still see the set while going around on the Disneyland Railroad between New Orleans Squre and Mickey's Toontown.

Beyonce as Alice- Photograph was taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella- Photograph was taken by Annie Leibovitz.

David Beckham as Prince Philip- Photograph was taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Swan- Ok... who painted the swans and made them anorexic looking.... -_-' Yes, it's true there's strange looking, rainbow colored swans floating in the lake in front of the castle... Personally, mmrobitussin thinks they're really ugly... but whatever.

Passes- Passes are being held up by the person who won the sweepstakes to travel around the world to all the Disneyland resorts. ^_^ Awesomeness no?

Banners- These banners are located as you enter the park on the Disneyland tram.

Rockin' Space Mountain- The Red Hot Chili Pepper's song "Around the World" is remixed to fit this beloved attraction. The "Rockin' Space Mountain" is only there until April 26, 2007, when it changes back to it's original soundtrack.

Rockin' California Screamin'- The Red Hot Chili Pepper's Song "Around the World" is again remixed to fit this ride. The "Rockin' California Screamin'" is only there utnil April 26, 2007, when it changes back to it's original soundtrack.

Street Lamps- Throughout Main Street USA, you might notice that the 50th Anniversary gold has been erased from the street lamps and are now a light blue/silver color. ^_^ Personally I like the blue color in general, but the gold was much nicer on the lamps.

Ticket for July 17, 1955- Well as most Disneyland fantatics know, July 17, 1955 was the day Disneyland opened. In fact this is the real life ticked printed for this very day. The ticked reads as thus: Invitational Press Preview and Dedication of Disneyland Anaheim, Calif. Admit One Sunday July 17, 1955. 2:30PM.

40th Anniversary Time Capsule- Under the pavement near the compass in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, lies a Time Capsule laid there in 1995. It is said to be opened 40 years later in 2035 for the 80th Anniversary of Disneyland. Inside the time capsule are various items such as maps, name tags, toys, etc.

Planning- So... Walt Disney is planning and designing Disneyland in 1954 [or so I think]. In the original picture he is pointing to a sketch of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disney Opening DAy- Probably one of the most popular pieces in the Disney archieve. This picture of Walt Disney walking through Sleeping Beauty castle is considered a classic Disney piece. The picture itself is really in black and white, but mmrobitussin colored it. Could you tell?

Fantasyland- It's an opening day and is well know to those who study the Opening Day media pictures. The picture, although not deplicted very well in the icon, consists of dozens of children running through the gates of Sleeping Beauty Castle into Fantasyland.

Map of Pirates of the Carribean- IT's a beautiful portrait hanging on one of the stores in New Orleans Square. It shows the diarama of where people are traveling as they journey into Pirates of the caribbean.

Being Built- Ever want to know how the castle looked like as they were putting it together? Now you know! BTW, that's Walt Disney standing in front of it. XD

Dedication of Disneyland- July 17, 1955 also known as the day Disneyland opened. Here we see walt Disney preparing to do his speech. "To all who come to this happy place, Welcome. Disneyland is your land, here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America. In the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world." (yes, mmrobitussin actually memorized it).

Back to the 1950's- This is what Fantasyland looked like in the late 1950's before the New Fantasyland Project occured. Everything was bright colored and the rides we know and loved today were nothing more than cardboard cut outs attatched to walls. The only thing that looks similar to as it did back then is the Castle and the teacups.

Space Mountain Concept- Ah yes... the concept of Space Mountain. Originally, instead of having the roller coaster inside a dark room, the actual track was suppose to be outside the mountain. It also was suppose to be taller and longer than todays version of the ride.

Haunted Mansion Concept- This portrait is also known as the publicity photo for the Haunted Mansion. You can visit the real version in the Disneyland Gallery (if you can get in).

50th Anniversary of Disneyland by Thomas Kinkade- For the 50th Anniversary, Disneyland hired the famous painter Thomas Kinkade to paint a portrait of Sleeping Beauty Castle decorated in its 50th anniversary glory.

Comment and Credit if you take!! Thanks!
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