Emily (__lost_x3) wrote in lovepeace_icons,

Iconmaker: __lost_x3 @ lovepeace_icons
Challenge: sentient_icons
Subject: Eiri Yuki (Gravitation)
Icons: 13/25
Resources: Here

Anger Angst Anxiety Craziness Desire
Determination Energetic Euphoric Excitement Fear
Frustration Happiness Indifference Jealousy Mischief
Nonsensical Optimism Pessimism Sadness Satisfaction
Seriousness Surprise Tension Thoughtful Tranquility

-Comment when taking
-Credit to __lost_x3 (and spell that right, please)
-You're free to friend this journal
-Don't use the icons outside of LJ without permission
-Credit is over here

Proper credit:

Tags: gravitation, icons by __lost_x3, yuki
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So pretty! I'm taking a couple,and I shall credit!

Thanks ^____^
These are cool.. taking a few. Will credit when used.
Thanks! ^^