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Layout Disection

Ever want to know what each part of a banner is, but you're too shy to ask the person or they won't tell you? Well... if you haven't, I'm sure someone has. YAY FOR LAYOUT DISECTIONS. NO MORE MESSY TOOLS, BLOOD, GUTS, AND THE OTHER HUNDREDS OF ODD THINGS. XD j/k. I'm obviously very tired and in need of sleep after this.

So here we have our layout header yes?

pretty average...... but it has alot of stuff right?

Here it is disected:

woot. ok so we have america's next top model, fruits basket, ouran high school host club, franz ferdinand, the little mermaid, harry potter, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, wicked, the beatles, and my very own handwriting.

XD any questions?

for those who have no idea what i'm talking about:
America's Next Top Model: Girls from all over america try to compete in order to be titled America's Next Top Model and they get to work with some of the most famous people in the fashion industry including supermodel Tyra Banks. Very big TV show in America.

Fruits Basket: The #1 Shoujo Selling Manga in America. It's also the highest rated manga in the US at #28. It's about an orphan girl named Tohru Honda who goes to live with her "not so normal" classmate. (currently over 132 chapters out as of 9-5).

Ouran High School Host Club: Comedy Manga that is really popular and has a little bit of everything in it for everyone. It's about Haruhi Fujioka, a commoner [like most of the people in the world], who attends the very prestigious and wealthy school. It revolves around her life as a "Host Club Member".

Franz Ferdinand: Aka the New Scottish Gentry. Music band from Glasgow, Scotland that has made it big internationally as well. Famous Songs: Take Me Out, The Fallen, and This Boy.

The Little Mermaid: The Disney version of the Little Mermaid story. One of those timeless classics that you'll never forget. Famous songs: Part of Your World and Under the Sea.

Harry Potter: uh... if you dont know what harry potter is... you must live in a box. There's plenty of fanpages dedicated to it, so there's no need for me to repeat them. Famous Song: Harry Potter Theme

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Written by renown manga-ka CLAMP, crossovers from every manga they ever created over the past 17 years. It includes characters from: Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHOLiC, CLAMP School Detectives, Tokyo Babylon, and many more.

Wicked: The broadway musical that has swept the nation over and over again. It's the story of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz before she became the "wicked witch". Famous Songs: Popular, For Good

The Beatles: Very popular group from way-back-when that's making their comeback. XD ^^ YAY FOR THE BEATLES. Famous Songs: Yellow Submarine, Let It Be, Strawberry Fields Forever, & All You Need

mmrobitussin's handwriting: You think I'm joking aren't you... Yes, i did actually put my own handwriting into the header. Yes, that's what my handwriting acutally does look like. XD i got bored and it need something in that corner. hehe.

That's it. XD haha. Hope you liked that. This is subject to change at anytime, so check back when the layout changes.
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