Love, Peace, And Icons.

...by the Five somethings

Five Somethings
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Hello and Welcome to lovepeace_icons!

This is a shared icon community between akiji, __lost_x3, meredith_k, thisisalyssa, and mmrobitussin.

Here we will post graphics we make of our favorite fandoms. Other types of graphics will be here as well, not just icons... Such as: LJ headers, Friends Only Banners, Layouts, Wallpapers, Colorbars, and Moodthemes, etc. It is a public community. It is not Friends Only because as of right now, we have no reason to make it Friends Only. The name is "love, peace, and icons" because, well... It's all you need. :) "Five Somethings" because there are five of us making icons here. :] Hopefully you'll find many things that fit your fancy. Please read the rules and always remember to credit the propper icon maker!

• No hotlinking, please! Upload to your own account, mmk?
• Comment AND Credit. Crediting is a MUST. Credit the propper icon maker.
• These icons are for LJ USE and LJ USE ONLY. Nothing else unless specified by the icon maker.
• We take requests! Picture, size, and text are required. Requests CAN BE MADE FOR OTHER PLACES BESIDES LJ.
• Our icons shall not be edited in any way. Unless it is a base, IF it is a base we will say so. You may ask to use a certain icon as a base, but most likely the answer will be 'no'.
• Use the tags in order to find your way around.

akiji: The Beatles, Fruits Basket, A Hard Day's Night, Magical Mystery Tour, HELP!, Yellow Submarine, Final Fantasy/Advent Children, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tori Amos, John Lennon, Dave Matthews Band, Hana Kimi, Death Note, Fashion, Music, Vintage. [[Resources & Credits]]

__lost_x3: Full Metal Alchemist. Gravitation. House MD. FLCL. Augusten Burroughs. Kingdom Hearts. Fall Out Boy. Teen Titans. Twilight. RENT. Transformers. Invader Zim. Ouran High School Host Club. Love Hina. Loveless. Fruits Basket. Mahou Sensei Negima. Wicked. Hairspray. Beauty and the Beast.
[[Credits , awards

mmrobitussin: Fruits Basket, Disney, CLAMP (animes and mangas), Music, Ouran High School Host Club, Harry Potter, Other Animes, Quotes, Text, Movies, and just plain random stuff, etc. [[awards , stuff & fluff]]

meredith_k: The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Michael Phelps, Grey's Anatomy, Disney, Rooney, Franz Ferdinand, Harry Potter, Rupert Grint, Random Interests, etc.

thisisalyssa: A Hard Day's Night, Andy Warhol, Beatles, Benny and Joon, Bob Dylan, Clerks, David Bowie, Dogma, Fashion, HELP!, Magical Mystery Tour, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, The Who, Van Gogh...etc.

This layout was designed and created by mmrobitussin. It was put together in Photoshop 7 and Notepad. Copyright to the owners of each fandom. Please do not steal, edit, or change this layout in any way, shape, or form. Thank you.
Here's a layout disection if you wanted to know: here.

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